The Latin derivative of Levare means “to leverage”. The prime objective for Levare is to leverage our functional resources to move our client's business to the next level through improved operational efficiencies and growth.

We are a company set up by a team of Professional Chartered Accountants (CA), CPAs, Cost and Management Accountants (CMA), Management professionals and Company Secretaries (CS). It is our conviction that LCPL offers and delivers the best professional services, all the time and in every instance. Our emphasis rests firmly in delivering the best business processes, teamwork and cooperation. LCPL’s charter and mission are based on ‘Integrity and Honesty’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘Respect and Dignity’, ‘Innovation and Excellence’.

We provide secure, dependable, accurate, real time and cost effective Services in FACT (Finance, Accounting, Costing and Taxation). We create meaningful, well-organized financial records or dashboards that ensure that your business operations will run most efficiently.

" The company draws strength from the Value Pyramid it has created through its operations over the years. "

The pyramid denotes 3 guiding fundamentals on which our company is built. Leverage (maximize the gain of our clients), Quality (speaks for itself) & Integrity (Honesty & truthfulness in our actions and confidentiality of client data which is so important).

Key Features of our Company
  • Delivering dedicated account & financial professional services since 2004
  • Services provided by certified financial professionals
  • Bouquet of services include GST, Costing, Accounts, Internal & Inventory Audits, etc.
  • Clientele in US & India
  • Headquartered at central office in Pune, India
  • Three additional offices in India: Mumbai, Nashik and Surat