Case Study 4 - US based Software Company

Business Situation

  • Company growing at 25% per year, strain on existing team
  • Finance processes person dependent
  • Errors were being made in some cases of revenue recognition

Our Services and Solution

  • Delivered process reengineering services
  • Provided processing at offshore location in India
  • Implemented robust “maker and checker” methodology to minimize processing errors

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved 50% reduction in cost of F&A processing
  • Delivered weekly, monthly, quarterly reports as per agreed time lines
  • Reduced turn-around time
  • Quicker invoicing, reduction in outstanding, better cash flow


"Levare’s most outstanding contributions have been their assistance with our Business Remodeling plans and related Financials. In addition, Levare provides exceptional Bookkeeping, Payroll, Internal Audit and Costing services. And our Taxes are always filed on a timely basis.”
- CEO, US based Software Company