Finance, Accounting, Costing, GST, Taxation and Fixed Asset Management Solutions, Pune

Firms in India and abroad are increasingly adopting outsourcing financial services as a strategic tool for shareholder value creation. These services include Bookkeeping, Accounting, GST, Cost & Management Accounting, Costing Systems, Fixed Asset Management, Inventory Audit, and Internal & Systems Audits. Levare Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (LCPL) is a Pune, India based company that provides these and allied services to corporate bodies in India and out of India.

Back office efficiencies in accounting are the key to driving profitability. At LCPL, Pune, we focus on rendering seamless back office services that include everything in finance right upto fixed asset management and assured continuity of delivery to our clients. Our clients don't have to worry about staff turnover and loss of knowledge caused by attrition once they outsource their accounting, tax compliance, fixed asset management and otherrequirements to us. LCPL, Pune thus empowers clients by streamlining their GST, accounting and financial operations, allowing them to focus on their core competency. Our suite of services for the finance and accounting verticals functions with a strong focus on higher-end offerings that drive maximum value across the enterprise.

India is on a fast growth track and an attractive destination for setting up businesses today. We also help companies establish and manage their operations in India. From strategic planning to execution, you can outsource all your set up requirements to LCPL.

With the recent reforms undertaken by the government of India, we have also started providing Goods and Services Tax (GST) consultancy and Compliance Services for our clients..

Why Pune for Outsourcing Accounting Services?

Pune is called the ‘Oxford of East’, and there is a reason for that. Pune has one of the highest number of educational institutes in India and consequently a large pool of talent in any discipline. Pune is one of the important IT hubs of the country, and has excellent connectivity. The blend of thesefactors make Pune an ideal choice to outsource all kinds of back end operations, including finance, bookkeeping and accounting, Taxation and fixed asset management, services.

Inside view of Company Inside view of Company Levare Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (LCPL)

Key Features of our Company

  • Delivering dedicated account & financial professional services since 2004
  • Services provided by certified financial professionals
  • Bouquet of services include Accounting, Costing, GST, Fixed Asset Management, Internal & Inventory Audits, etc.
  • Clients in US & India who outsource to LCPL
  • Headquartered at central office in Pune, India
  • Three other offices in India: Mumbai, Nashik and Surat

Knowledge Base

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Changes to GST Rules

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Quotes Levare Consultants Pvt. Ltd., India has been associated with Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. for a long time. Contribution has been of immense value especially in the assignments of Material accounting system, Material accounting (including excise records) & Inventory Audit.Quotes

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